MASMC_2016@PSU April 22-24, 2016!

The 36th Annual Mid-Atlantic States Mycology Conference (MASMC) is coming to Penn State on April 22-24!  Bookmark this site for more information, follow @masmc2016 on Twitter, and Tweet about MASMC at #masmc2016.

MASMC is an annual gathering of mycologists from around Eastern North America (not just the Mid-Atlantic). It is informal, fun and a great opportunity for people (esp. students) to present research results/plans in a relaxed atmosphere.  There will be talks, poster presentations, a tour of Penn State’s world-renowned Mushroom Research Center, a morel hunt, and other fun activities.  MASMC is about getting to know other mycologists and sharing a passion about fungi in all aspects, everything from systematics, ecology, mycophagy, plant pathology, agriculture, to medicine.

Dr. Cathie Aime from Purdue University, world-renowned field mycologist, rust expert, and friend of MASMC, will be the keynote speaker!

Contact David Geiser at if you have any questions.


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